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Taiwan Education Research Association(TERA)


TERA membership provides members with access to the latest developments and the top researchers in the field of education around the world. Membership is categorized into:

Regular members: Teachers, staff members, and professional from all levels of schools who accept the goal of TERA and are willing to devote themselves to education are welcome to join. Membership annual dues are NT$ 1,000/ year.
Student members: This category of membership is open for students above 20 years old and highly interested in educational practice and research. Membership annual dues are NT$ 300 / year.
Group members: Group membership is available to institutions or organizations which supports the objective of TERA. Each group member shall appoint a representative to the TERA council and has all of the rights and duties of membership. Membership annual dues are NT$ 2,000.
Sponsor members:

Any individual who is over 20 years old and willing to sponsor TERA with NT$10,000 every year or over NT$100,000 at one time can apply for this type of membership. Eligibility must be made with recommendations from two current members.