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    Kaohsiung is located on Taiwan’s Southwestern region and is a long narrow stretch of land. Its total area consists of 154 square kilometers. The large harbor makes Kaohsiung City an important international and commerce stop along the Northeast Asia / South Pacific passageway. Kaohsiung has an international airport with direct flights connected a variety of Asian cities. Other international cities can be reached by transferring at C.K.S. International Airport in Taoyuan. There are approximately 50 flights a day between Taipei and Kaohsiung. The flight takes approximately 50 minutes from C.K.S. International Airport in Taoyuan to Kaohsiung International Airport.

  • Recommend scenic spots of Kaohsiung City

  • Former British Consulate at Dagou

    Love River

    Urban Spotlight

    Liouhe Tourist Night Market

    Wind-power Park

    Cihou Lighthouse

    Ciming Temple - Spring and Autumn Pagodas

    Lotus Pond